Just for Fun :)


So..I thought I’d do this just for fun and let you guys know a little more about me.  Here goes!
25 Things About Me

  1. I’m 31 years old
  2. My favorite color is purple
  3. I’m the oldest of 3 (2 younger brothers)
  4. I have a niece and nephew that I love more than anything
  5. I LOVE animals especially dogs
  6. My favorite animal ever is a lion. They are so majestic.
  7. I love Jesus
  8. I’m spiritual not religious
  9. I love city lights especially at night
  10. If I could live anywhere outside of the U.S. – I’d choose Italy
  11. I don’t have children but I really want them
  12. I love rescuing animals
  13. I’m a Disney geek – still
  14. I got a late start on life due to crazy decisions
  15. I’m a RECOVERING drug addict
  16. I’m a SURVIVOR of sexual, physical, verbal, emotional abuse etc
  17. I’m engaged
  18. My fiancé is my best friend. He’s also the only person that can make me so mad I lose my mind or love so much I almost explode.
  19. When I love – I love deeply
  20. I had a gastric bypass at 16
  21. I love writing, editing, etc
  22. I’m open and would love to hear anything anybody has to say about things I write
  23. If I could live anywhere in the U.S. I’d go back to Baton Rouge, LA
  24. I love shopping
  25. My passion is helping others -I truly love people

Finding 25 positive things was definitely hard but not as hard as I thought.  I’m growing!! Still, I could write the negative stuff forever.  Nobody has time for that!

About Me

Hey everybody! So, I’m sure some of you might be wondering why in the world my name is Ms. Imperfectly Perfect.  I’m gonna tell you.  Hang with me please as I reveal some of my heart and why I have chosen to do this blog.  I hope you feel free to comment or express yourselves however you like (within reason..of course).  So, here I go.  

We are all imperfectly perfect.  The challenge we face is learning to love that about ourselves.  We were created just the way we were meant to be through our creators eyes. Imperfect? Yes. Perfect? Absolutely.  Imperfectly perfect.  Once I learned to accept that concept and love my imperfections, I learned to love (even like) myself a little.  Bit by bit. A little at a time.  Why like myself? What’s the big deal about that? When I didn’t like myself, I did hurtful and destructive things. I felt I deserved horrible things.  I merely existed in a prison others called life.  To me, it was hell.  It definitely was not living.  Once I learned to embrace my imperfections as being part of the perfect big picture, then something clicked.  I started being nicer to myself and others, I learned and continue to learn how to love, enjoy things, laugh, smile, be happy.  I continue to learn how to do things that make ME happy.  Most of all, I’ve learned that doing all of this is okay.  To me, the concept of imperfectly perfect makes sense.  However, it is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to make peace with.  All of the abuse and horrid things in my life were so much easier for me to understand when I didn’t get imperfectly perfect.  Before I understood all of this, I felt I deserved the things that had happened to me.  I was just so terrible that I understood why people would hurt me the way they did.  Understanding imperfectly perfect meant that I didn’t deserve those things.  I just could not come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, I deserved good things.  See, my ego was so big that I actually thought I was the most horrible person on the planet – or any other for that matter.  I have never thought or felt I was better than anybody, EVER.  In the way of being treated right, I never felt I was above anybody.  However, am I not saying, in some sick, twisted way that I’m better than you if I deserve worse just for being who I am? I am saying that.  So I had to take a good look at myself and step down.  I don’t feel that anybody, including myself, deserves to be subjected to some of the things I have been.  Some by my own choosing, others were not.  Why am I so atrocious? Am I not merely human? Ah! That’s it!its that whole human thing! Don’t people get it!? I’m a woman. I’m supposed to save the world, make everybody feel okay (even at my own expense),and keep it all together.  I didn’t have time to be human! Wow! Woah! I can’t believe I actually felt that way! Who do I think I am!? Am I so prideful that I feel I’m “God-like?” I was definitely out of control! I had to reel myself back in. I had to get a grip and get it together. Could I? Would I?  I did but I didn’t do it all on my own, of course.  

I’ve learned many things on my journey and continue to do so.  I’d really love to share it all with you.  I don’t want to share this stuff because I think I’m great. I really don’t think that.  I want to share these things because maybe if somebody had shared with me; I could have avoided a lot of pain.  Maybe I could have avoided a lot of things that have changed who I am in a lot of ways. I’m still deciding if all of the change part is good or bad.  Although, I do find myself liking it a little more each day.  

I hope you feel free to share your own experiences or comment whenever you like! Thanks for letting me take some of your time! 


Hey! I’m so glad that you have decided to check out my page! I am not a counselor and my intention is not to give advice or counsel anybody. I am just a normal person walking, running, or crawling through this journey called life.  I have been through a lot, just like all of you, and I just simply want to share my experiences with others.  I hope that my journey can help just one of you.  If so, I feel i have definitely accomplished something.  I’ve learned so much in my life so far and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’d love for you to comment, follow me, or email me.  Share YOUR story with me! Believe it or not, it helps me to hear what you have been through.  Email me anytime! anjchellequeen@gmail.com