Beautiful Survivor! 

Hey guys! I want to introduce you to a great friend of mine, Eukie Ward.  I asked Eukie if I could share some of her story and she said yes! Before you read anything from her, I want to say a few things.  I have known this amazing woman for a couple years now.  I have watched her go through so much.  I’ve seen her angry, happy, sad, sleepy, grumpy, and super serious. 😜. Seriously, there really are no words to describe her.  She has been a huge inspiration to me throughout my recovery.  No matter what Eukie has been through, she has always kept her faith.  She is an incredibly beautiful person – inside and out.  She is definitely one that uses her struggles to help others and her talents to glorify God.  It doesn’t matter what she is going through or how she is feeling, if I need her; she has and will come to me.  This is my friend, sister, and inspiration.  This is Eukie.

* Eukie and her babies at the beach.  They have a sober mama that has OVERCOME addiction!!*

                  Before and After

* Eukie’s mugshots while in active addiction. This is Eukie in recovery! Eukie’s babies enjoying life with a SOBER mom!*

Now, this is Eukie’s story in her own words.

“It’s amazing to look back on my life and see where God has brought me from.  Honestly, I could write a story about everything I have been through and OVERCOME. I was in addiction for many years.  God delivered me!! He broke the chains of addiction!  I have been blessed to be able to work with women who have been where I once was.  It was an honor to help them through their struggles.  After overcoming addiction,  I was faced with the hardest thing anybody could ever face in their life.  My husband was arrested and taken to jail.  I was devestated.  I thought my life was over.  A year later, I realized that this season of my life was over.  We divorced.  I had now become a single mother of two beautiful children.  I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew in my heart that everything happens for a reason.  I knew God was going to see us through.  It was definitely a terrible time in our lives.  However, I kept my head high and kept fighting.  I was fighting for those two precious children God had blessed me with. People were cruel.  We were talked about and looked down upon.  In the midst of it all, God kept us safe.  He had a plan!  Everything I lost, God gave back to me.  It’s overwhelming!!  He didn’t just give me back what I once had; He gave me that plus so much more.  Today, we are wonderful.  I look back and see God in everything.  There is no way anyone, in their own strength, could overcome what I did.  It was only through Him that I survived.  I am here today because of God.  I have overcome addiction and a nasty divorce.  I’m so thankful that I’m here today to share my story.  Whatever you face in life, please know God is with you.  You may not feel Him but He is there.  I am living proof there is HOPE!  Keep moving forward!  Don’t ever look back!  There will be roadblocks; just trust in God and He will surely see you through!!”                                                                       

                                  – Eukie Ward

3 thoughts on “ Beautiful Survivor! 

  1. I am so blessed to read your story. God has really brought you and your children through so much. Sometimes we all take for granted the beautiful things in life that God has given us. I am so glad that you still have your children to share your joy now with you.keep on for God and he will always make a way even when we don’t see it at the time.

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