Not My Problem! 

Hey guys! I hope all is well! There seems to be a tiny issue.  Some people just do not like some of my posts.  I just want to say – I will not apologize for anything I write. I openly and honestly write about my experiences or how I feel.  If for some reason it offends you, just know that it is MY feelings and opinions.  We do not have to agree on everything. However, we can be adults and agree to disagree.  I am not being rude or mean.  I am honest and not afraid to say how I feel about things.  I’m also not afraid to say what I think about something.  Just from my experience, when I get upset over something like this, it’s usually because I’m looking in the mirror. What is being said is, most of the time, hitting a nerve.  In other words, I’m usually guilty of what’s being talked about and I do not like it.  My intention is not to hurt or offend anybody.  I just want to, hopefully, help others through my experiences.  I don’t feel that I can reach anybody if I am not completely honest.  I will not apologize for my feelings.  I have spent most of my life apologizing for my feelings, opinions, and existence.  I cannot and will not do that anymore.  So, please feel free to speak openly and honestly with me.  Thank you for your opinions and feelings.  Thank you for sharing even if we don’t agree.  Our feelings are ours.  Our feelings are valid! Never ever apologize for how you feel! 

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